About Us

We believe that our people make the difference when it comes to our commitment to excellence. This is reflected in the history behind our company. For many years our President Byung Kim worked in Korea and Japan in the PCB industry. His vast knowledge of SMT assembly combined with his keen ability to lead and inspire others has led to the creation of Eunil H.A., Americas, Inc. Realizing the potential of Eunil Korea’s high quality competitively priced PCB Handling Equipment he entered into a joint venture agreement with Eunil Korea to market and service these machines in North, Central and South America.

Eunil H.A. Americas, Inc. was founded in August 2001 in Portland, Oregon by our President Mr. Byung Kim. Mr. Kim had the vision to bring Eunil to the U.S. and Latin American markets. In 2003 Mr. Kim decided to relocate to San Diego, California because it was strategically located to service both the US and Mexican/Latin American markets. We currently have three offices: San Diego, Tijuana and Knoxville Tennessee.

Our company motto is: “Rational thinking, intelligent life” and we apply this to every aspect of our operations. We pride ourselves on providing the most competitive line of PCB handling equipment backed the best support and service in the industry. We work with some of the largest manufactures in the world and there is a real reason these companies do business with Eunil H.A., America. We invite you to evaluate our products and services.

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Eunil H.A. provides various PCB and SMT handling equipment with standard and custom specifications. Eunil's equipment offers competitive pricing and cutting edge technology to increase the efficiency and dependability of your production line.