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At Eunil H.A., America we not only carry and service a full line of PCB and SMT peripherals but we also have the capability to Custom Design and build equipment based on your unique manufacturing needs. Contact us to discuss how we can customize a solution that meets your needs and your budget!


At Eunil H.A., Americas we understand that our job is not finished at the point of sale. That’s why we have a full time staff of qualified engineers and service technicians to help you install and service the equipment. We take great pride in our product and our customer service. With Eunil you will never taken for granted because we know that our clients are our future. That’s why we say: With Eunil “Every day is a good day!”

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This machine is used to separate the main panel PCB and the arrayed PCB as off-line. The operator manually load PCB to the machine. Then, the machine will separate the PCB by the program. When it finishes the job, the PCB will be unloaded by the operator. The movement is controlled by the robot, 1 X-Axis, 1 Y-Axis, 1 Z-Axis. It has a single spindle head and it will also have dual spindle head as an option. It has one shuttle as the loading bay which has the safety feature. The shuttle has PCB holding fixture for every different model of PCB. It will suck out the dust or the milling particles to the dust collector.


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- PCB Size (LxW) 80 x 80 up to 250 x 250
- Dimension (LxWxH) 2250 x 1200 x 1500
- Weight (kg) 800 kg
- PCB Capacity 2 PCBs ( stand by : 1, Depanelling : 1)
- Flow Direction Left to Right / Right to Left
- Fixed Edge Front / Rear
- Power Consumption Max 800W, 4A
- Portable weight of Robot 10 kg
- Spindle Head Max. 50,000rpm, 150W
- Fixture Refer to the customer specification
- Conveyor Height 900?30mm / 950 ± 30mm
- Power Supply AC220V [+/- 10%] , 50~60Hz / 1Phase
- Controller PLC (Programmable Logic Controller)Control
- Air Supply 5bar(=kgf/cm²)


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Intelligent edge carry conveyor that can be used to make cooler PC boards after Reflow oven.

- Features
- Programmable Logic Controller
- Conveyor Speed Adjust “ 60Hz - 1~1.7M.min.
- Hand crank width adjusting ㆍEconomic space
- 3 color light Tower lamp with audible alarm
- Refrigeration system;Cooling Compressor and Unit cooler
- Blower fan:Top 5 uints and bottom 5units
- Cooling Zone temp ; 10℃ to 5℃
- Temp. down rate ; 2℃/sec
- Cooling compressor ; 1Hp
- Include water tank
- Options
- Conveyor width adjust
- Touch screen
* PCB SIZE(LXW) : 50X50 - 330X250
* DIMENSION(LXWXH) : 800X1000X1500
* WEIGHT(Kg) : 310kgs.
* AIR : 5kgf/cm²
* POWER : AC110V/220V
* 50Hz/60Hz 1Phase


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Machine size (mm) - 1,100 X 1,150 X 1,500
PCB size (mm) - 330 X 250 ~ 50 X 50
Working Area Max. - 330mm(L) X 250mm(W)
No. of Head - Single / 1 nozzle
  • X-Axis - 480mm stroke
  • Y-Axis - 480mm stroke
  • Z-Axis - 100mm stroke
  • Accuracy - ±0.02mm
  • Speed - Max. 1,000mm/sec
ΘAxis - 0° ~ 360°
Power supply - 220V[±5%], 50~60Hz, 1Phase
Power consumption - 2,000Watt
Air supply - 5 bar
Display - 15”LCD Monitor
Human Interface - Keyboard with ball mouse
Programming - Windows based PC

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PCB SIZE(LXW) : 50X50-450X330
DIMENSION(LXWXH) : 970X1280X1380
WEIGHT(Kg) : 250kgs.
AIR : 5kgf/cm²
POWER : AC110V/220V

This Laser Marking system is to engrave model No, logos, company name, Serial No, production Data and other information onto the various PCB.

This Laser Marking system provides permanent, clean and safe operating and offers the best solution such as convenient marking method, accuracy of quality control, and cost reduction in PCB in marking field.

1. loading the SUNX CO2 laser marker
2. PCB exclusive software of window version
3. semipermanent use and unnecessariness of consumer goods
4. easy & natural marking by x-y table driving unit
5. excellent accuracy of marking position by clamp unit
6. loading the back up pin to prevent slack of big size array PCB
7. variable expression of marking-bar code, QR code,image, serial NO, Lot NO, etc.
8. available marking for loaded IC on PCB
9. applicable safety for laser : class 4 JIS standard : class 4 IEC standard
10. excellent interface by RS 232C
11. auto width adjustable
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- Programmable Logic Controller
- Hand crank width adjusting
- Able to link with the Vacuum pickup loader /
- Destacker / Magazine loader
- Pass : mounted PCB from upstream machine
- 3 color light Tower lamp with audible alarm
- Left to right travel, front rail fixed
- Conforms to SMEMA Spec. 1.2
- Anti-Static Brush
- ESD grounding receptacle
- Conveyor speed 0~200mm/sec
- Auto or Semi-auto width adjust
- Speed Control
- Ionizing Blower
- Ionizing Bar
* PCB SIZE(LXW) : 50X50-430X350; 50X50-530X450
* DIMENSION(LXWXH) : 800X700X1300; 800X800X1300
* WEIGHT(Kg) :300kgs.
* AIR : 5kgf/cm²
* POWER : AC110V/220V
* 50Hz/60Hz, 1Phase
Designed aluminum frame with painted vanity panels. Designed to remove / clean dust from a bare board in the front of the production line.
Eunil H.A. provides various PCB and SMT handling equipment with standard and custom specifications. Eunil's equipment offers competitive pricing and cutting edge technology to increase the efficiency and dependability of your production line.